"The mark of a good commercial artist is customer satisfaction." -Mark Twain

Listed below are some previous clients that have expressed
gratitude for work I have done.

  • Theater renovations; I painted marble cherubs for the friezes, and the blended sun rays above the stage at San Jose's Fox Theater, and airbrushed motifs from egyptian jewelry designs in Hollywood's "Vista Theater" lobby.
  • Mural of Monet's "Field of Poppies" for Le Coquelicot, french restaurant in Livermore.
  • Canvas of Buddhist Shrine in Thailand for Lemon Grass Thai restaurant also in Livermore.
  • Three murals for TR's Restaurant in San Jose. Presidential homes.
  • Marblized pillars for the Clock Tower Design Group headquarters in Danville.
  • French Village in Napa, 50FT. Landscape mural for the Magic Garlic Restaurant in Walnut Creek.

Numerous portraits of children, adults, and animals along with

interior faux finishes for personal homes and bay area business.

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